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Bowen Therapy

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Tom Bowen April 1916-October 1982 , was the founder of what is now known as "Bowen Therapy". Tom developed Bowen Therapy after years of treating athletes with sporting injuries with his own version of what most would call "massage moves". However the "basic" Bowen Therapy move is a transverse soft tissue manoeuvre.  The moves are used over specific tendon, muscle, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue). Bowen therapy is a modality which aims to assist with restoring the integrity of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.
Bowen Therapy has been known to increase circulation thus assisting with lymphatic drainage and promoting healthy immune system function.   It is believed that the Bowen move stimulates a electrical charge and feedback loop within the nervous system, enhancing injury recovery, performance & well being. The Bowen move in the right hands may have a profound & positive effect on the healing process.
Please use our contact page if you would like to book a Bowen session. 
Bowen Therapy is never to be considered a replacement of proper medical or veterinary care. 
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