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Relaxation Massage

There is no question that Massage has many benefits, not the least being that it is generally relaxing and makes you feel good.

From birth the human being is comforted by the touch of another. Mothers intuitively sooth their baby’s with touch. As Brendtro suggests in his article Touch-the Foundation of belonging, touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and forms the foundation for later attachment. It’s something we don’t really think about but the human touch has a profound effect. Pleasant nonsexual touch releases an array of uplifting chemicals in the brain and body:

 • oxytocin creates trust and calms stress

• natural opioids relieve pain and depression

• serotonin creates a sense of well-being • endorphins unleash joy and euphoria28

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Therefore it is suggested that massage may have a positive effect on our health. Ranging from stress & pain relief, relaxation, possible improvements in range of movement and may assist with recovery from injury to name only a few of these benefits.

You are in good hands with our trained and experienced therapist who has over a decade of combined experience in  relaxation massage, Bowen Therapy and formerly sports training. This is complimented by her Bachelor’s Degree in Health and continued professional development in Human Bowen Therapy. Our therapist is available to treat both Humans and Animals.


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